Every success starts with a dream.


  • Jerusalem is not just the capital of the Jewish people; it’s also the capital of the tourism industry in Israel. Some 90% of tourists who visit Israel from abroad spend time in Jerusalem and nearly 70% of them sleep in the city at least one night, in one of the city’s over 200 hotels and other accommodations. Jerusalem has the highest number of cultural institutions and tourist attractions in the country. There are hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars; hundreds, if not thousands, of things to do and see; hundreds of stores and shopping areas. There are hundreds of taxi drivers and public transportation operatives who make their living here and hundreds of tour guides who operate here, in dozens of languages. Tourism generates billions of shekel in income each year, and at any given moment plans for new hotels are submitted, licenses are issued for new restaurants, and new tourism-related initiatives are established.

    It’s impressive, but we can do better, together.

    Working together, all those involved in the tourism industry in Jerusalem – business owners and entrepreneurs, the municipality, the relevant government offices – can transform Jerusalem from a tourist city to a tourism brand; a brand where people will stay longer, and eat, buy, and do more.

    JETH, the first tourist hub of its kind in Israel, was established in order to facilitate the growth of tourism in the city. It’s a joint venture of the Jerusalem municipality and relevant government offices to connect between the different areas of the tourism industry and serve as a mutually fertile environment of inspiration and collaboration.

    JETH’s goal is to create the optimal tourist ecosphere that will maximize profitability for industry-related businesses while preserving Jerusalem as a brand and enriching the visitor’s experience of the city. It will be a place to network and air challenges facing the industry in a round table environment that includes the municipality and the relevant government ministries. It will also be a resource providing professional development training and promoting innovative technological opportunities for the tourism industry.

    I invite you to join us and be part of this exciting new phase in the life of the city. Come, take your place, because we are about to take off.


    Ilanit Melchior
    Head of Tourism
    The Jerusalem Development Authority