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A launchpad for tourism professionals and innovators


                     If you are a professional, business owner,
              or entrepreneur in the travel and tourism industry,
                                       JETH is for you!


    JETH - The Jerusalem Entrepreneurs Tourism Hub is the first of its kind in Israel, established to facilitate the growth of tourism in Jerusalem and to serve as a launchpad for innovators and professionals in tourism and travel. We combine tourism businesses, technologies that can elevate the tourism experience, and heaps of expertise and resources to create a dynamic and effective tourism ecosystem.


    Bringing together the broad and intricate network of tourism professionals and fostering opportunities for collaboration.


    Developing technological solutions and investing in entrepreneurs to elevate tourism worldwide.


    Nurturing professional growth, refining skills, and exposing the community to assorted opportunities and trends.


    We grant JETH members the opportunity to partake in meetups and events with other members of the local community, join inspiring sessions with global industry leaders, and utilize our co-working space in the heart of Jerusalem.


    JETH's goal is to harness the power of a rapidly changing digital age and combine it with a long-established stable business of tourism to create advanced technology that will bring tourism to the next era.
    We deal with:
    • Identify problems and work on developing technological solutions
    • Run acceleration programs and collaborate with international experts.
    • Investing valuable resources in entrepreneurs and offering to test the products in the field
    • We pave the way for travel tech startups to impact the global market.

    Capacity Building

    JETH provides ongoing workshops and training sessions for various members of the community, keeping its professionals up-to-date with the newest trends in tourism and continuously improving their product and user-experience.
    We have developed a series of custom-made and sought-after lecturers, up-to-date content, and personal mentoring opportunities in order to maintain the highest standard for tourists.

    Who we are

    JETH is a ground-breaking project of the Jerusalem Development Authority, a city-focused government body, whose goal is to promote and generate the development of the capital city to strengthen its economy. Its projects in recent years have been key in upgrading city infrastructures, increasing tourism by almost 50% and creating businesses and nurturing the growth of a hi-tech ecosystem.

    Ilanit Melchior

    Director of Tourism, The Jerusalem Development Authority
    Ilanit Melchior, Director of Tourism, The Jerusalem Development AuthorityAs Director of Tourism, a position she has held since 2009, Ilanit oversees the strategic development and implementation of the national and international projects aimed at promoting tourism to Jerusalem.
    Prior to her role at the JDA, Ilanit served as Managing Director of Start Up Jerusalem, a non-profit focused on the economic development of the city.  
    Ilanit holds a Masters in International Relations from the Hebrew university. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.    

     our location

    Our historically located and unique co-working space serves as a home-base for the professionals and students to meet, learn and share together. 

    We are at the First Station- a lively cultural center, built in the late 19th century as the very first train station connecting between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and located next door to the JVP Media Quarter- a modern center of tech and innovation built in the country’s original National Mint building.

    The First Station, 4 Remez Street, Jerusalem

    If you are a professional, business owner, or entrepreneur in the travel and tourism industry, JETH is for you!